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About Us

The Bureau of Resource Information and Land Use Planning includes programs centered around the theme, “Science for resource management, land use planning, and conservation.” Programs in the bureau include:

  • Maine Geological Survey –Provides information on the geologic framework of the state, focusing on groundwater, mineral resources, surface deposits and bedrock materials, stability of coastal properties, and natural hazards.
  • Maine Natural Areas Program – The most comprehensive source on the State's rare and endangered plants, rare natural communities and ecosystems, and outstanding examples of more common natural communities and ecosystems.
  • Land Use Planning Commission – Serves as the planning and zoning authority for the unorganized and deorganized areas of the State which lack local government.
  • Municipal Planning Assistance Program – Provides land use planning expertise for Maine citizens, municipalities, regional planning organizations, state agencies and the Legislature.
  • Floodplain Management Program – Works with individuals, communities and professionals to reduce the risk of flooding and implement the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Land for Maine’s Future Program – The State of Maine's primary funding vehicle for conserving land for its natural and recreational value.