Township Listing and Map Reference

Below is a list of all Unorganized Townships by County, you may navigate this page using your scroll buttons or by following the county links. Some towns have more than 1 name, these are indicated in parenthesis.

Aroostook | Franklin | Hancock | Kennebec | Knox | Lincoln | Oxford | Penobscot | Piscataquis | Sagadahoc |

Somerset | Washington


ED Eastern Division
MD Middle Division
ND Northern Division
SD Southern Division
TS Titcomb Survey
BKP Bingham's Kennebec Purchase
BPP Bingham's Penobscot Purchase
EKR East of the Kennebec River
NWP North of Waldo Patent
PLT Plantation
TWP Township
WKR West of the Kennebec River
NBKP North of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase
NBPP North of Bingham's Penobscot Purchase
WBKP West of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase
WELS West of the Easterly Line of the State

AR001 03813 TA R2 WELS                                                       
AR002 03814 TC R2 WELS
AR003 03815 TD R2 WELS   (Cox Patent)
AR004 03805 T3 R2 WELS   (Forkstown)
AR005 03818 T3 R3 WELS   (Bragg Tract)
AR006 03820 T4 R3 WELS
AR007 03804 T7 R3 WELS   (Dudley)
AR008 03822 T8 R3 WELS
AR009 03824 T9 R3 WELS
AR010 03829 T10 R3 WELS
AR011 03897 T17 R3 WELS
AR012 03811 T1 R4 WELS  
AR013 03817 T2 R4 WELS
AR014 03819 T3 R4 WELS
AR015 03812 T7 R4 WELS   (Webbertown)
AR016 03808 T8 R4 WELS    (St. Croix)
AR017 03825 T9 R4 WELS
AR018 03810 T10 R4 WELS   (Squa Pan)
AR019 03833 T11 R4 WELS
AR020 03889 Madawaska Lake T16 R4 WELS  
AR021 03898 T17 R4 WELS   (Sinclair)
AR022 03806 TA R5 WELS    (Molunkus)
AR023 03816 T1 R5 WELS
AR024 03821 T7 R5 WELS
AR025 03823 T8 R5 WELS
AR026 03826 T9 R5 WELS    (Swett Farm)
AR027 03856 T13 R5 WELS
AR028 03867 T14 R5 WELS
AR029 03879 T15 R5 WELS
AR030 03890 T16 R5 WELS   (Square Lake)
AR031 03899 Cross Lake
AR032 03830 T10 R6 WELS
AR033 03868 T14 R6 WELS 
AR034    03880 T15 R6 WELS
AR035 03891 T16 R6 WELS
AR036 03827 T9 R7 WELS
AR037 03831 T10 R7 WELS
AR038 03834 T11 R7 WELS
AR039 03845 T12 R7 WELS
AR040 03857 T13 R7 WELS
AR041 03869 T14 R7 WELS
AR042 03828 T9 R8 WELS
AR043 03832 T10 R8 WELS
AR044 03835 T11 R8 WELS
AR045 03846 T12 R8 WELS
AR046 03858 T13 R8 WELS
AR047 03870 T14 R8 WELS
AR048 03881 T15 R8 WELS
AR049 03892 T16 R8 WELS
AR050 03836 T11 R9 WELS
AR051 03847 T12 R9 WELS
AR052 03859 T13 R9 WELS
AR053 03871 T14 R9 WELS
AR054 03882 T15 R9 WELS
AR055 03893 T16 R9 WELS
AR056 03837 T11 R10 WELS
AR057 03848 T12 R10 WELS
AR058 03860 T13 R10 WELS
AR059 03872 T14 R10 WELS
AR060 03883 T15 R10 WELS
AR061 03903 T18 R10 WELS
AR062 03838 T11 R11 WELS
AR063 03849 T12 R11 WELS
AR064 03861 T13 R11 WELS
AR065 03873 T14 R11 WELS
AR066 03884 T15 R11 WELS 
AR067 03904 T18 R11 WELS
AR068 03907 T19 R11 WELS
AR069 03839 T11 R12 WELS
AR070 03850 T12 R12 WELS
AR071 03862 T13 R12 WELS
AR072 03874 T14 R12 WELS
AR073 03885 T15 R12 WELS
AR074 03894 T16 R12 WELS
AR075 03900 T17 R12 WELS
AR076 03905 T18 R12 WELS
AR077 03908 T19 R12 WELS
AR078 03801 T20 R11 & 12 WELS   (Big Twenty)
AR079 03840 T11 R13 WELS
AR080 03851 T12 R13 WELS
AR081 03863 T13 R13 WELS
AR082 03875 T14 R13 WELS
AR083 03886 T15 R13 WELS
AR084 03895 T16 R13 WELS
AR085 03901 T17 R13 WELS
AR086 03906 T18 R13 WELS
AR087 03841 Clayton Lake T11 R14 WELS
AR088 03852 T12 R14 WELS
AR089 03864 T13 R14 WELS
AR090 03876 T14 R14 WELS
AR091 03887 T15 R14 WELS
AR092 03896 T16 R14 WELS
AR093 03902 T17 R14 WELS
AR094 03842 T11 R15 WELS
AR095 03853 T12 R15 WELS
AR096 03865 T13 R15 WELS
AR097 03877 T14 R15 WELS
AR098 03888 T15 R15 WELS
AR099 03843 T11 R16 WELS 
AR100 03854 T12 R16 WELS
AR101 03866 T13 R16 WELS
AR102 03787 T14 R16 WELS
AR103 03844 T11 R17 WELS  (Powers Gore)
AR104 03855 T12 R17 WELS
AR105 03802 Connor  (Township K)
AR106 03809 Silver Ridge
AR107 03050 Benedicta
AR108 03160 E Township
AR109 03811 T1 R4 WELS N1/2
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FR001 07817 T4 R1 BKP WKR (Mt. Abram)
FR004 07828 T4 R3 BKP WKR (Wyman)
FR005 07819 T1 R2 WBKP (Redington)
FR006 07813 T2 R3 WBKP (Lang)
FR007 07806 T3 R3 WBKP (Davis)
FR008 07825 T2 R4 WBKP (Tim Pond)
FR009 07823 T3 R4 WBKP (Stetsontown)
FR010 07811 T1 R5 WBKP (Jim Pond)
FR011 07801 T2 R5 WBKP (Alder Stream)
FR012 07821 T3 R5 WBKP (Seven Ponds)
FR013 07812 T1 R6 WBKP (Kibby)
FR014 07803 T2 R6 WBKP (Chain of Ponds)
FR015 07815 T3 R6 WBKP (Massachusetts Gore)
FR016 07804 Gore N. of T2 & 3 R6 WBKP  (Coburn Gore)
FR017 07822 T1 R7 WBKP (Skinner)
FR018 07816 T2 R7 WBKP (Merrill Strip)
FR019 07814 T1 R8 WBKP (Lowelltown)
FR020 07809 Gore N. of T1 R9 WBKP  (Gorham Gore)
FR021 07802 T2 R8 WBKP (Beattie)
FR022 07805 T D
FR023 07807 T E
FR024 07826 T6 N of Weld
FR025 07808 Freeman
FR026 07818 Perkins
FR027 07820 Salem
FR028 07827 Washington
FR029 07110 Madrid
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HA001 09801 T3 ND & Strip North
HA002 09802 Oqiton T4 ND & Strip North
HA003 09803 T7 South Division
HA004 09804 Fletchers Landing T8 South Division
HA005 09805 T9 South Division
HA006 09806 T10 South Division
HA007 09807 T16 Middle Division
HA008 09808 T22 Middle Division
HA009 09809 T28 Middle Division
HA010 09810 T32 Middle Division
HA011 09811 T34 Middle Division
HA012 09812 T35 Middle Division
HA013 09813 T39 Middle Division
HA014 09814 T40 Middle Division
HA015 09815 T41 Middle Division
HA016 59793 Eagle Island
59803 Bald Island  
59724 Bar Island  
59687 Beach Island  
59791 Bear Island  
59703 Birch Island  
59771 Bradbury Island  
59790 Compass Island  
59810 Crow Island  
59561 Desert Rock   
59776 Dirigo Island (Butter Island)  
59793 Eagle Island  
59714 Eaton Island  
59794 Flint Island  
59780 Great Barred Island  
59774 Great Barred Island  
59683 Great Barred Island  
59773 Great Spruce Head Island  
59782 Hard Head Island  
59679 Hog Island  
59770 Horsehead Island  
59799 Inner Porcupine Island  
59470 Little Marshall Island  
59772 Little Spruce Head Island  
59981 Marshalls Island  
59800 Outter Porcupine Island  
59682 Pickering Island  
59677 Pond Island  
59702 Pumpkin Island  
59686 Resolution Island  
59707 Scott Island  
59788 Scrag Island  
59710 Sheep Island  
59675 Western Island  
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KE001 11801 Unity  
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63432 Andrew's Island  
63633 Bar Island  
63428 Birch Island  
63426 Camp Island  
63411 Crescent Island  
63651 Crow Island  
63427 Dix Island  
63402 Fisherman Island  
63632 Flagg Island  
63417 Gooseberry-Nub Island  
63634 Graffam (Grafton) Island  
63655 Green Island  
63627 Hewett Island  
63422 High Island  
63588 Hog Island  
63423 Inner Pond Island  
63586 Knubble Island  
63418 Little Green Island #1  
63654 Little Green Island #2  
63626 Little Hurrican Island  
63403 Marble Head Island  
63339 Mark Island  
63584 Metinic Green Island  
63584 Metinic Island  
63646 Mink Island & Clam Ledges  
63330 Mouse  
63622 Nettle Island  
63421 Oak Island  
63410 Outer Pond or Woodsey Island  
63430 Outter Island  
63647 Pleasant Island  
63441 Poverty Nub Island  
KN001 63930 Ragged Island  
63338 Saddle Island  
63419 Spectacle Island  
63653 Two Bush Island  
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65197 Bar Island  
65200 Haddock Island  
LI001 15801 Hibbert's Gore Township  
65082 Hungry Island  
65183 Indian Island  
65190 Marsh Island  
LI002 65185 Muscongus Island   
65198 Ross Island  
65186 Theif Island  
68201 Western Egg Rock  
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OX001 17817 TA R1 Riley
OX002 17808 TA R2 Grafton
OX003 17803 Andover North Surplus
OX004 17804 Andover West Surplus
OX005 17818 Township C
OX006 17807 C Surplus
OX007 17816 T4 R1 WBKP  (Richardsontown)
OX008 17801 T4 R2 WBKP (Adamstown)
OX009 17809 T4 R3 WBKP (Lower Cupsuptic)
OX010 17814 T5 R3 WBKP (Parkertown)
OX011 17819 T4 R4 WBKPT4 R4 WBKP (Upper Cupsuptic)
OX012 17810 T5 R4 WBKP (Lynchtown)
OX013 17813 T4 R5 WBKP (Oxbow)
OX014 17815 T5 R5 WBKP (Parmachenee)
OX015 17806 T4 R6 WBKP (Bowmantown)
OX016 17802 Albany
OX017 17811 Mason
OX018 17812 Milton
OX019 17805 Batcherlders Grant
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PE001 19820 T3 R1 NBPP
PE002 19826 Pukakon T5 R1 NBPP - Whintey
PE003 19810 T1 R7 NWP  (Mattamiscontis)
PE004 19817 T2 R8 NWP
PE005 19819 T2 R9 NWP
PE006 19823 Cedar Lake T3 R9 NWP
PE007 19815 T1 R6 WELS
PE008 19803 T2 R6 WELS  (Herseytown)
PE009 19829 T6 R6 WELS   (Lower Shin Pond)
PE010 19832 T7 R6 WELS
PE011 19835 T8 R6 WELS
PE012 19814 TA R7 WELS
PE013 19802 T1 R7 WELS   (Grindstone)
PE014 19811 T2 R7 WELS   (Soldiertown)
PE015 19821 T3 R7 WELS
PE016 19824 T4 R7 WELS
PE017 19827 T5 R7 WELS   (Upper Shin Pond)
PE018 19830 T6 R7 WELS
PE019 19833 T7 R7 WELS
PE020 19836 T8 R7 WELS
PE021 19816 T1 R8 WELS
PE022 19818 T2 R8 WELS
PE023 19822 T3 R8 WELS
PE024 19825 T4 R8 WELS
PE025 19828 T5 R8 WELS
PE026 19831 T6 R8 WELS
PE027 19834 T7 R8 WELS
PE028 19837 T8 R8 WELS
PE029 19804 Hopkins Academy Grant
PE030 19809 TA R8 & 9 WELS    (Long A, W. Seboris)
PE031 19813 Veazie Gore
PE032 19806 T3 Indian Purchase
PE033 19807 T4 Indian Purchase 
PE034 19812 T1 North Division    (Summit)
PE035 19801 Argyle
PE036 19808 Kingman
PE037 19250 Grand Falls   (T2 R1)
PE038 19540 Prentiss Township
PE039 19270 Greenfield
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PI001 21827 T6 R8 NWP   (Williamsburg)
PI002 21845 T4 R9 NWP
PI003 21853 Ebeemee Township T5 R9 NWP
PI004 21812 T6 R9 NWP   (Katahdin Iron Works)
PI005 21802 T7 R10 NWP  (Bowdoin College East)
PI006 21803 T8 R10 NWP   (Bowdoin College West)
PI007 21811 Harford's Point
PI008 21816 Moosehead Junction Township T3 R5 BKP EKR
PI009 21801 Big Moose Township T2 R6 BKP EKR
PI010 21833 T1 R9 WELS   (Ambejejus Lake)
PI011 21837 T2 R9 WELS
PI012 21866 T7 R9 WELS
PI013 21873 T8 R9 WELS
PI014 21878 T9 R9 WELS
PI015 21885 T10 R9 WELS
PI016 21828 TA R10 WELS
PI017 21830 TB R10 WELS
PI018 21834 T1 R10 WELS
PI019 21838 T2 R10 WELS
PI020 21867 T7 R10 WELS
PI203 21805 Cove Point
PI021 21874 T8 R10 WELS
PI022 21879 T9 R10 WELS
PI023 21886 T10 R10 WELS
PI024 21829 TA R11 WELS 
PI025 21831 TB R11 WELS
PI026 21835 T1 R11 WELS
PI027 21822 T2 R11 WELS    (Rainbow)
PI028 21842 T3 R11 WELS
PI029 21848 T4 R11 WELS
PI030 21855 T5 R11 WELS
PI031 21860 T6 R11 WELS
PI032 21868 T7 R11 WELS
PI033 21875 T8 R11 WELS
PI034 21880 T9 R11 WELS
PI035 21887 T10 R11 WELS
PI036 21823 TA R12 WELS    
PI037 21836 T1 R12 WELS
PI038 21839 T2 R12 WELS
PI039 21843 T3 R12 WELS
PI040 21849 T4 R12 WELS
PI041 21856 T5 R12 WELS
PI042 21861 T6 R12 WELS
PI043 21869 T7 R12 WELS
PI044 21824 T8 R12 WELS   (Soper Mountain)
PI045 21881 T9 R12 WELS
PI046 21888 T10 R12 WELS
PI047 21809 TA R13 WELS   (Frenchtown or Kakadjo)
PI049 21814 T1 R13 WELS
PI050 21840 T2 R13 WELS
PI051 21844 T3 R13 WELS
PI052 21850 T4 R13 WELS
PI054 21804 T5 R13 WELS   (Chesuncook)
PI055 21862 T6 R13 WELS
PI056 21870 T7 R13 WELS
PI057 21807 T8 R13 WELS   (Eagle Lake)
PI058 21882 T9 R13 WELS
PI059 21889 T10 R13 WELS 
PI060 21815 TA R14 WELS   (Lily Bay)
PI061 21825 T1 R14 WELS   (Spencer Bay)
PI062 21832 TX R14 WELS
PI063 21817 T3 R14 WELS   (Lobster)
PI064 21851 T4 R14 WELS
PI065 21857 T5 R14 WELS
PI066 21863 T6 R14 WELS
PI067 21871 T7 R14 WELS
PI068 21876 T8 R14 WELS
PI069 21883 T9 R14 WELS
PI070 21890 T10 R14 WELS
PI071 21808 East Middlesex Canal
PI072 21806 Days Academy Grant
PI073 21820 T3 R15 WELS  (Northeast Carry/Burbank)
PI074 21852 T4 R15 WELS
PI075 21858 T5 R15 WELS
PI076 21864 T6 R15 WELS
PI077 21872 T7 R15 WELS
PI078 21877 T8 R15 WELS
PI079 21884 T9 R15 WELS
PI080 21891 T10 R15 WELS
PI081 21865 T7 R9 NWP
PI082 21821 Orneville
PI083 21030 Barnard
PI084 21080 Elliottsville
PI085 21040 Blanchard
PI200 21813 Kineo Island  
PI205 Sugar Island
PI500 21818 T3 R9 WELS   (Mt. Katahdin)
PI501 21846 T4 R9 WELS
PI502 21854 T5 R9 WELS
PI503 21826 T6 R9 WELS   (Trout Brook)
PI504 21841 T3 R10 WELS
PI505 21847 T4 R10 WELS
PI506 21819 T5 R10 WELS   (Nesourdnahunk)
PI507 21859 T6 R10 WELS
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71300 Birch Island  
71405 Birch Island #20  
71130 Black Sand Island  
71500 Carry Brook Island  
71250 Clifton Island  
71251 Clifton Island  
71252 Clifton Island  
71108 Dauphinee Island  
71101 Deer Island  
71351 Dollar Island  
71006 East Moody Island  
71002 Farm Island   PI-200  
71572 Fox Island  
71418 Galapogos Island  
71560 Hogback Island  
71561 Hogback Island  
71104 Hyde Island  
71419 Island at Rowell Cove  
71109 Island in Doughnut Cove  
71471 Island in Lily Bay  
71150 Island in Moosehead Lake PI-202  
71410 Island in Moosehead Lake PI-202  
71557 Island in Moosehead Lake PI-203  
71558 Island in Moosehead Lake PI-203  
71417 Island No. 10  
71420 Island No. 13  
71421 Island No. 13A  
71413 Island No. 18  
71408 Island No. 19A  
71407 Island No. 19B  
71404 Island No. 24  
71406 Island No. 25  
71409 Island No. 26  
71410 Island No. 29  
71207 Island No. 33  
71150 Island No. 45  
71003 Island No. 46  
71004 Island No. 48  
71551 Island No. 55  
71416 Island No. 6  
71550 Island No. 60  
71501 Island No. 63  
71554 Island No. 76  
71452 Island No. 8  
71419 Island No. 9  
71570 Island North of Stevens Pt  
71457 Island W of Laker Pt.  
21813 Kineo Island  PI-200  
71412 Ledge Island  
71008 Little Moody Island  
71504 Little W Island  
71559 Masterman Island  
71350 McCulloch Island  
71415 Mikeno Island  
71102 Moose Island  
71569 Narrows Island  
71401 Richards Island  
71573 Salmon Island  
71050 Sand Bar Island   PI-202  
71503 Seboomook Island #67  
71502 Seboomook Island #69  
71562 Sibleys Island  
71200 Snake Island  
71005 Snecker Island  
71552 Spinney Island  
71402 Squirrel Island  
71414 St. Helena Island  
71100 Sugar Island  
71201 Treasure Island  
71460 Two Mile Island  
71007 West Moody Island  
71556 Wilson's Island  
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SA001 23801 Perkins Township (Swan Island)
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SO001 25831 T2 R1 BKP WKR  (Lexington)
SO002 25860 T1 R3 BKP WKR (Carrying Place)
SO003 25815 T2 R3 BKP WKR  (Carrying Place Town)
SO004 25819 T3 R3 BKP WKR (Dead River)
SO005 25807 T4 R3 BKP WKR (Bigelow)
SO006 25812 T1 R4 BKP WKR (Bowtown)
SO007 25840 T2 R4 BKP WKR (Pierce Ponds)
SO008 25861 T3 R4 BKP WKR (Spring Lake)
SO009 25823 T4 R4 BKP WKR (Flagstaff)
SO010 25834 T2 R5 BKP WKR (Lower Enchanted)
SO011 25862 T3 R5 BKP WKR (Spencer)
SO012 25830 T4 R5 BKP WKR  (King & Bartlett)
SO013 25816 T1 R6 BKP WKR (Chase Stream & 10,000 Acre Tract)
SO014 25829 T2 R6 BKP WKR (Johnson Mountain)
SO015 25858 T3 R6 BKP WKR (Upper Enchanted)
SO016 25826 T4 R6 BKP WKR (Hobbstown)
SO017 25865 T5 R6 BKP WKR (Haynestown)
SO018 25851 T1 R7 BKP WKR (Saplin Township)
SO019 25836 T2 R7 BKP WKR (Misery Township)
SO020 25839 T3 R7 BKP WKR (Parlin Pond)
SO022 25813 T4 R7 BKP WKR (Bradstreet)
SO023 25866 T5 R7 BKP WKR (Rayton Township)
SO024 25802 T6 R7 BKP WKR (Appleton)
SO025 25835 T2 R2 BKP EKR (Mayfield)
SO026 25805 T2 R3 BKP EKR (Bald Mt.)
SO027 25821 T2 R4 BKP EKR (East Moxie)
SO028 25838 T1 R5 BKP EKR (Moxie Gore)
SO029 25854 T2 R5 BKP EKR (Squaretown)
SO030 25828 T1 R6 BKP EKR (Indian Stream)
SO031 25803 T1 R1 NBKP (Taunton & Raynham)
SO032A 25849 T2 R1 NBKP (Sandwich Academy Grant)
SO033 25844 T1 R1 NBKP (Rockwood Strip)
SO032B 25845 T2 R1 NBKP (Rockwood Strip)
SO034 25833 T3 R1 NBKP (Long Pond)
SO035 25804 T5 R1 NBKP (Attean Pond) 
SO036 25827 T6 R1 NBKP (Holeb)
SO037 25857 T1 R2 NBKP (Tomhegan)
SO038 25814 T2 R2 NBKP (Brassua)
SO039 25856 T3 R2 NBKP (Thorndike)
SO040 25824 T6 R2 NBKP (Forsyth)
SO041 25810 Big W, NBKP
SO042 25832 Little W, NBKP
SO043 25859 T1 R3 NBKP (W. Middlesex Canal Grant)
SO044 25853 T2 R3 NBKP (Soldiertown)
SO045 25801 T3 R3 NBKP (Alder Brook)
SO046 25806 T4 R3 NBKP (Bald Mountain)
SO047 25850 T5 R3 NBKP (Sandy Bay)
SO048 25852 T Seboomook R4 NBKP
SO049 25842 T1 R4 NBKP (Plymouth or Boyd)
SO050 25841 T2 R4 NBKP (Pittston Academy Grant)
SO051 25825 T3 R4 NBKP (Hammond)
SO052 25843 T4 R4 NKBP (Prentiss)
SO053 25811 T5 R4 NBKP (Blake Gore)
SO054 25820 T3 R5 NBKP (Dole Brook)
SO055 25863 T4 R5 NBKP
SO056 25822 T4 R16 WELS (Elm Stream)
SO057 25846 T5 R16 WELS (Russell Pond)
SO058 25847 T6 R16 WELS (St. John)
SO059 25873 T7 R16 WELS
SO060 25877 T8 R16 WELS
SO061 25881 T9 R16 WELS
SO062 25884 T10 R16 WELS
SO063 25864 T4 R17 WELS
SO064 25867 T5 R17 WELS
SO065 25871 T6 R17 WELS
SO066 25874 T7 R17 WELS
SO067 25878 T8 R17 WELS
SO068 25882 T9 R17 WELS
SO069 25809 T10 R17 WELS (Big 10)
SO070 25817 T4 R18 WELS (Comstock) 
SO071 25868 T5 R18 WELS
SO072 25872 T6 R18 WELS
SO073 25875 T7 R18 WELS
SO074 25879 T8 R18 WELS
SO075 25883 T9 R18 WELS
SO076 25869 T5 R19 WELS 
SO077 25808 T6 R19 WELS (Big 6)
SO078 25876 T7 R19 WELS
SO079 25880 T8 R19 WELS
SO080 25870 T5 R20 WELS
SO081 25818 Concord
SO082 25848 Sandbar Tract

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  77331 Lasells Island  
  77077 Little Bermuda Island  

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WA001 29818 T18 East Division
WA002 29820 T19 East Division
WA003 29824 T26 East Division
WA004 29825 Greenlaw Chopping T27 East Division
WA005 29819 T18 Middle Division
WA006 29821 T19 Middle Division
WA007 29822 T24 Middle Division
WA008 29823 T25 Middle Division
WA009 29802 T29 Middle Division      (Devereaux)
WA010 29826 T30 Middle Division
WA011 29827 Day Block T31 Middle Division     
WA012 29828 T36 Middle Division 
WA013 29829 T37 Middle Division
WA014 29830 T42 Middle Division
WA015 29831 T43 Middle Division
WA016 29812 Sakom T5 North Division
WA017 29813 T6 North Division
WA018 29807 T1 R1 TS  (Fowler)
WA019 29803 T1 R2 TS (Dyer)
WA020 29809 T1 R3 TS (Lambert Lake)
WA021 29814 T6 R1 NBPP
WA022 29808 T7 R2 NBPP (Kossuth)
WA023 29815 T8 R3 NBPP
WA024 29805 T10 R3 NBPP  (Forest Township)
WA025 29817 T11 R3 NBPP (Hillgove Township)
WA026 29816 T8 R4 NBPP
WA027 29806 T9 R4 NBPP (Forest City)
WA028 29801 Brookton
WA029 29804 Edmunds
WA030 29832 Indian (Passamaquoddy Reservation)
WA031 29810 Marion
WA032 29811 Trescott
WA033 29340 Big Lake T21 ED
WA034 29330 Cathance T14 ED
WA035 29080 Centerville
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