Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program - Asthma Information For Coaches of Student Athletes with Asthma

It is important for coaches who have student athletes with asthma to show a positive attitude towards their players but to also take asthma seriously. If a student says they can't continue to play because of breathing difficulties take that child out and allow time for them to rest, use their medications and get better control over their asthma. Students with asthma can be a valuable part of any sports team. Here are some key steps to remember when coaching student athletes with asthma:

  • Athletes with asthma can participate if their asthma is well managed
  • Know the warning signs of an asthma flare; coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness
  • Request an updated asthma action plan each year
  • Encourage a warm-up period
  • Remind those players who need pre-treatment to use their inhaler 15 minutes before playing
  • If athletes with asthma say they can't keep going, let them stop

For more information the Minnesota Department of Health has created an online interactive training program for coaches. Click here to participate in the Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program "Winning with Asthma."

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