Agency Coordinator Responsibilities

The Agency Coordinator is responsible for promoting the program and managing all the activities relating to his/her agency. These activities include assisting employees with understanding how the program works and acting as the central information contact for the agency. In addition, the Agency Coordinator has primary responsibility for guiding the employee suggestions throughout the agency evaluation process and monitoring all related activities. The Agency Coordinator is critical to the success of the program.

The Agency Coordinator will:

  1. Provide employee suggestion forms and program guidelines to employees.
  2. Receive monthly Employee Suggestion Award Program report and Employee Suggestion Award Applications from the BHR State Administrator.
  3. Acknowledge the monthly Employee Suggestion Award Program report from the BHR State Administrator.
  4. Track and monitor Employee Suggestion Award Applications throughout the process using the employee suggestion number and monitoring log. This will identify the employee suggestion at any time during the evaluation process.
  5. Conduct an additional review to determine agency eligibility. Although the BHR State Administrator has reviewed the employee suggestion, there may be some instances of ineligibility such as an employee suggestion that is already under active consideration by the agency.
  6. Return suggestion to employee if the suggestion is not eligible.
  7. Respect confidentiality when requested by employee.
  8. Assist the Agency Head in selecting the appropriate Agency Evaluation Committee to evaluate the employee suggestion.
  9. Contact all Agency Evaluation Committee members and schedule a date, time, and location for the employee suggestion evaluation.
  10. Contact the employee by letter with date, time, and location of employee suggestion evaluation. The employee can speak on behalf of the suggestion for specific time allotted.
  11. Ensure all employee suggestions receive fair, adequate, and timely evaluation. Evaluations must be completed within 60 days.
  12. Forward employee suggestions to the Agency Evaluation Committee Leader.
  13. Assist the Agency Evaluation Committee Leader in seeking employee suggestion clarification, if needed.
  14. Contact the Agency Evaluation Committee Leader if a backlog occurs to discuss the delay and how to assist in moving the process along.
  15. After the Agency Evaluation Committee makes a recommendation, forward the suggestion to the Agency Head to concur or not concur with the Agency Evaluation Committee's recommendation and comment on the decision.
  16. Forward employee suggestions and recommendations to the Employee Suggestion Award Program Review Board for final review. The Employee Suggestion Award Program Review Board will make the final decision on the recommendation and will determine the award.
  17. Forward adopted employee suggestions to the Agency Coordinator for submission to the Agency Head for implementation.
  18. Assist the Agency Head in determining the implementation date of an adopted employee suggestion. The full or partial monetary award will be paid upon implementation of the employee suggestion. Partial monetary cost savings awards will receive a full award after the cost savings period is complete, usually after one year.
  19. Arrange presentation of the adopted employee suggestion award.

DISCLAIMER: Adopted employee suggestions become the property of the State and the employee will make no claims against the State regardless of the use made of the suggestion by the State.