Bureau of Employment Services

The Bureau of Employment Services provides a variety of employment and training services for Maine workers, businesses, and jobseekers through the Maine CareerCenter network.

  • Maine Apprenticeship Program: Designed to meet the needs of Maine employers through customized on-the-job training and related classroom instruction.
  • Competitive Skills Scholarship: Grant for adult workers to earn a degree or certificate in an approved training program. Pays for tuition, fees, and educational supports not paid for by other programs.
  • Disability Program Navigator: Helps people with disabilities access programs and services that impact their ability to gain/retain employment.
  • Monitor Advocate: Works to ensure safe and fair working conditions and access to employment services for migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Maine.
  • Rapid Response Team: Hosts informational sessions to workers dislocated by company layoffs. Workers receive information on state and community resources available to laid-off workers including: unemployment benefits, CareerCenter employment and training services, and health care options.
  • Veterans Services: Provides veterans and transitioning services members with employment and training opportunities, and protects their employment rights.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit: Federal tax credit for employers who hire workers who qualify as members of target groups.