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February 17, 2023
Title: Contract Budgets (Attending Contract Process is mandatory prior to attending Contract Budgets)
Restrictions: dhhs
Trainers: Bonnie Childs
Date/Time: February 17, 2023 8:30am - 11:30am
Hours: 3

It is required that you take the Contract Process training prior to taking Contract Budgets. The information presented in Contract Budgets may make more sense given this background. This course is designed for DHHS Program Managers, Program Administrators, and Administrative Staff who are responsible for procurement of services for their offices. The goal is to provide an overview of the cost-settled contract budget process and to review the responsibilities of program staff in reviewing contract budgets. As a result of this training, participants will be able to: Determine if Fee for Service is appropriate Review a cost settled budget to look for problem areas and questions to ask providers Discuss how a cost settled budget relates to quarterly financial reports Identify why budget revisions are done Indicate if amended budget forms are required

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