Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

Confidentiality and Legitimacy Guidelines

We will hold all data we collect in the strictest confidence.  We gather and protect all information in keeping with the requirements of federal law that prohibits us from giving out information that identifies you or your family without your consent.  This means that we cannot give out any facts about you.  We will keep all survey data safe and secure.  When we allow researchers to use survey data, we protect your privacy. 

Is this a legitimate Maine and national CDC survey?

Yes. We regularly get questions from those not familiar with our survey especially since many of our calls are during the evening hours.  Here are three ways to identify our survey.

  1. We do not ask your name and your specific address. During the survey we will ask your town, county and zip code.
  2. You can review a copy of our current survey questions: Landline Parts A, B. (pdf*)
  3. You can call Maine’s BRFSS Coordinator at 207-287-5453, or email Maine's BRFSS Coordinator at /li>

Maine’s BRFSS survey depends on people just like you participating in our survey.  Thank you for participating.