BEP Calendar

  • June 20, 2024 - Augusta Civic Center, 76 Community Drive, Augusta

Welcome to the Board of Environmental Protection

The Board of Environmental Protection is a seven-member citizen board whose members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature. Current members. The purpose of the Board is to provide informed, independent and timely decisions on the interpretation, administration and enforcement of the laws related to environmental protection and to provide for credible, fair and responsible public participation in department decisions. While the Board is part of the Department of Environmental Protection, it has independent decision-making authority in the areas of its responsibility. For more information on the Board's responsibilities see BEP Overview (pdf).

All meetings of the Board of Environmental Protection are held in-person, unless otherwise specified on the Board meeting notice and agenda. Board meetings are open to the public and members of the public are permitted to attend.

When a Board meeting is conducted by remote means in accordance with the Board’s Policy Regarding Remote Participation in Board Proceedings, information regarding how members of the public may participate will be provided on the Board’s meeting notice and agenda. As a convenience, the Board generally provides a live video stream of its meetings for those who wish to watch the proceeding from a remote location. The link for a live stream of the Board meeting is provided on the Board meeting notice and agenda.