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The International Association of Milk Control Agencies was founded in 1935 to improve the effectiveness and uniformity of regulation among the economic regulatory agencies and to provide a forum for exchange of information. The Association, for nearly 79 years has served the dairy industry well in fulfilling its original mission.

The milk industry has never been more complicated, more volatile or more important to the economic vitality of our economies. IAMCA provides a unique forum for understanding and reacting to the ever-changing milk industry.

IAMCA Constitution

2019 Membership cover letter

Membership is available to any duly constituted governmental milk marketing regulatory agency ($150 annual dues). Representatives of member agencies are eligible to hold office or become members of the executive committee.

Associate membership is available to parties involved with the dairy industry and entitled to fully participate in all affairs and activities of the Association, except the right to vote, hold office, or be a member of the executive committee ($50 annual dues).

Annual Meetings, among the most highly respected dairy conferences in the industry, traditionally have been held in the state or province of the President of the Association. The annual meeting provides a forum for the membership to be educated in the most important topics affecting the dairy industry. These meetings also provide the opportunity for members to interact with dairy professionals, industry and government leaders and prominent members of the academic community.

The 2019 Annual meeting will be held in Golden, Colorado, please click on this link for more information.

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Contact Person:
Dan McCarthy, IAMCA Secretary-Treasurer
(518) 457-4921