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Green Your Transportation

Transportation is the leading cause of Maine’s greenhouse gas emissions. Green your transportation with these convenient, safe, and practical strategies - while still getting where you need to go.

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Bike & Walk More

Increasing how often you walk or bike to get around can be a healthy travel alternative that also reduces Maine's greenhouse gas emissions.

Find beginner guides, bike commuting tips, bike paths and maps, bike swaps and events and more from Bicycle Coalition of Maine.

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Consider Public Transportation Options

Compared with solitary car trips for the same distance, a bus emits 33% less greenhouse gas per person, even with only a quarter of its seats filled. And a full bus? 82% lower emissions! Find bus, train and ferry schedules and routes.

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Carpools, vanpools and rideshares are great green commute options. Get matched with carpoolers, find Maine Park & Ride lots and green trip rewards and other carpooling resources.

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Teleworking when possible can reduce time spent commuting each day, while reducing carbon emissions associated with getting to work. Check out these telework tips.

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Go Electric!

Electric vehicles (EVs) cost less to operate and maintain than traditional gas vehicles. They also produce less greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetimes. Find rebate information, locate charging stations and read Maine EV drivers' stories on Efficiency Maine’s guide to EVs.