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Mainers confronting climate change threats

Mainers from every corner of the state are stepping up to the climate challenge. Practical, creative and trailblazing teachers, bus drivers, students, communities, recent graduates and professional athletes alike are taking action to get ahead of the climate curve. Read their stories.

Picture of people sitting around a table and text "The Town of York, Maine is implementing a comprehensive climate action plan."

York Steps Up to Climate Risks with an Aggressive Action Plan

March 23, 2022

The town of York is stepping up to the significant risks posed by climate change to its miles of coastline, economy and abundant natural areas with an aggressive, comprehensive climate action plan. 

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Picture of woman sitting in front of an open notebook, with text "Arlene Cole has recorded local temperature and precipitation for the National Weather Service since 1965."

Newcastle's Arlene Cole: NOAA Weather Observer Since 1965

March 23, 2022

Every day at 5pm, Arlene Cole of Newcastle records the temperature and measures precipitation levels. Every month, Arlene sends her findings to the National Weather Service, a division of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

She’s done this since 1965.

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Man standing in water next to a personal watercraft. Text in foreground reads "Peter Slovinsky monitors Maine's shorelines, beaches, dunes, bluffs, tide levels and storm impacts."

How a Marine Geologist Measures Maine's Coastal Changes

March 22, 2022

Peter Slovinsky has a life-long fascination with the coast. Growing up, he spent hours digging in the sand, fishing and surfing. In his 5th grade yearbook, he said wanted to be a “Coastal Engineer” when he grew up. 

He got pretty close. 

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Young people standing near a stream bed taking scientific measurements, with text in foreground reading "Want to try citizen science?"

How To Contribute to Climate Science: Become a Citizen Scientist!

March 22, 2022

You can take climate action and help scientists understand Maine’s changing climate by tracking observations from your own backyard. Citizen science, also referred to as community science, is a collaboration between scientists and everyday people to monitor things like water quality, storms, tides, temperatures, trail conditions, and more. 

Anyone can participate with citizen science. Projects span different interests, locations and commitment levels. Introductory training is typically provided. 

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Red square with text and photo of Dr Lesley Fernow; text reads Dr Lesley Fernow helped form the Dover-Foxcroft Climate Action Advisory Committee

How 5 Dover-Foxcroft Residents formed a Climate Action Advisory Committee

February 18, 2022

Spurred to roll up their sleeves by accelerating climate change risks, Dr. Lesley Fernow and four fellow Dover-Foxcroft residents formed the Climate Action Advisory Committee (CAAC) in August 2021. The group’s goal is to bring climate change awareness to the local selectboard and to the county decision-making process.

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