Statutory Authority

Title 32, Chapter 31: NURSES AND NURSING
§2153-A. Powers and duties

The board shall hold annual meetings at which it shall elect from its members a chair and a secretary. It may hold such other meetings during the year as it determines necessary to transact its business. Special meetings must be called by the secretary on the request of 2 members. Five members of the board constitute a quorum at a meeting.

The board:

1. Bylaws. May adopt bylaws, rules for the transaction of the business of the board and the government and management of its affairs, not inconsistent with the laws of this State and of the United States, as it considers expedient;

2. Seal. May adopt a seal, which must be placed in the care of the executive director;

3. Curricula. May prescribe curricula and standards for educational programs preparing individuals for licensure under this chapter;

4. Surveys. May provide for surveys of the programs described in subsection 3 as it determines necessary;

5. Approval. May approve such nursing educational programs within the State as meet the requirements of this chapter and of the board;

6. Denial. May place nursing educational programs on probation, or warn, or deny, condition, withdraw or discontinue approval from nursing educational programs for failure to meet approved curricula or other standards as established by this chapter or pursuant to law;

7. Licenses. May examine, license and renew the licenses of qualified applicants;

8. Prosecution. May cause the prosecution and enjoinder of individuals violating this chapter and incur necessary expenses for those activities;

9. Records. May keep a record of all its proceedings;

10. Report. May make an annual report to the Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation for each fiscal year showing its receipts and disbursements and giving a full account of its activities during the previous 12-month period;

11. Budget. Shall submit to the Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation its budgetary requirements in the same manner as is provided in Title 5, section 1665, and the commissioner shall in turn transmit these requirements to the Bureau of the Budget without any revision, alteration or change unless alterations are mutually agreed upon by the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation and the board or the board's designee. The budget submitted by the board to the commissioner must be sufficient to enable the board to comply with this subchapter;

12. Executive and assistant director. May appoint and employ qualified individuals, not members of the board, to serve as executive director and assistant executive director to the board, fix their compensation and define their duties;