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Title: Advanced Domestic Abuse: The Choice to be Violent: Mandel's "Mapping Perpetrators Patterns"
Trainers: Maine Coalition to end Domestic Violence & Community Based DV Resource Centers
Date/Time: October 22, 2014 9am - 4pm
Hours: .6 CEU's

Pre-requisite – Attendance at one full day of Advanced Caseworker Training in DV during October 2013 or 2014.

Continuing the conversation from past Advanced Caseworker Training in DV, this full day presented by the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, the Office of Child and Family Services and Community based Domestic Abuse Resource Centers will bring into focus the Domestic Abuse Offender’s Choice to be Violent. We will explore the differences between men’s and women’s violence. We will hear from community leaders, working in this field, who will share their lessons learned. Participants will acquire an understanding of and an opportunity to practice with David Mandel’s latest tool, “Mapping Perpetrator’s Patterns.” Participants will learn to maintain their focus on abusive behavior. As well as, intervene with perpetrators through accountability to reduce risk and prevent further harm to children and adult survivors.

City: Augusta
Class ID: CW524 (Reference id: 626057)
Maximum attendance:60
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