Class Details

Title: Customer Service & Professionalism
Trainers: Bonnie Tracy
Date/Time: November 13, 2014
Hours: .5 CEU's

Intended Audience: DHHS Support Staff

Customers' perceptions of service delivery are of paramount importance to those staff seeking to provide excellent service. This program, a required component of the Professional Development Certificate Program, will review and expand upon the role of support staff in displaying the behaviors and skills necessary for both excellent internal and external customer service. Through small group activities, discussion, and case scenarios, staff will learn the Customer Service standards of the Department and the valuable role played by support staff in ensuring a productive and comfortable workplace environment.

(NOTE: This is a required program for the Professional Development Certificate Program.)

City: Augusta
Class ID: C714 (Reference id: 622591)
Maximum attendance:20
Current class status:
Restrictions: dhhs

*Enrolled Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
622798 Wile, Julie DSER 21 Support Enforcement
622882 Hunt, Esther L DHHS - OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
622906 Plourde, Rebecca M DHHS 1 Administrative Services
623012 Lewis-Bowie, Elizabeth A DHHS- District Operations Accounting 1 Administrative Services
623145 Edgerly, Dawn M OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
623452 Andersen, Sharon L DHHS /OCFS 7 Child Welfare
623453 Skillin, Joan OCFS 7 Child Welfare
623825 White, Robin L. Bangor DHHS/OCFS 7 Child Welfare
623831 Darge, Suzette M Bangor Dept.Health& Human Services 7 Child Welfare
623853 Lackedy, Kimberley A DHHS, OCFS 7 Child Welfare
623879 Proulx, Cindy DHHS/OCFS 7 Child Welfare
623945 Tomer, Elizabeth DHHS 7 Child Welfare
624247 Ashey, Roberta C DHHS 7 Child Welfare
624335 Gormely, Nancy J DHHS 7 Child Welfare
625279 turcotte, tiffany l Audit 1 Administrative Services
625447 Wilson, Crystal R DH 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
625469 Colman, Candice P DHHS-DSER 21 Support Enforcement
625492 mank, Bonnie L. OCFS 7 Child Welfare
625818 Strout, Kayla DHHS 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
626115 Curtis, Lorraine DHHS - OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities

*Waitlist Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
626777 Ray-Bolduc, Andrea H DHHS 1 Administrative Services
627160 Paul, Bethany OCFS 7 Child Welfare
629212 BEAULIEU, TINA A DHHS 21 Support Enforcement
629218 Joslyn, Heather DLRS 14 Licensing and Regulatory Services

(You will be contacted if an opening is available)

*Cancelled Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
622758 Curtis, Kelly DHHS - District Operations Accounting 1 Administrative Services