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Title: Performance Management, Accountability & Discipline
Trainers: Kate Carnes, Helen Wieczorek & HR Staff
Date/Time: January 15, 2015 9:00am - 4:00pm
Hours: .6 CEU's

Holding employees accountable for performance is a critical function of supervisors and managers. Coaching for improved performance for overall good employees who simply have areas where they might improve and certainly for those not meeting performance expectations is vital to employee success. Too often supervisors move from informal communication to counseling and discipline and miss opportunities to build relationships and develop employees. This module provides a practical method for describing performance problems, a coaching model that relies on such concepts as good business reasons for expectations and consequences for failure to meet expectations, and skill development in holding employees accountable for improving their own performance. Since effectively coaching an employee requires that measurable performance expectations already be in place, the program begins with practice in developing clear, measurable expectations.
In some cases coaching does not result in improvements, leaving the supervisor no choice but to utilize the formal discipline process. This challenge can create genuine discomfort, sometimes resulting in supervisors not utilizing the options available. The following topics will be covered in this module: *Recognize the importance of using the contracts as references in managing staff *Understand that the contracts are not the only reference sources in managing staff *Identify contractual rights of management *Recognize links between supervisor/contract *Understand differences between performance deficiencies and misconduct *Utilize appropriate levels of discipline *Understand steps of the grievance process and gain confidence in going through the process *Realize importance of checking with Human Resources *Look at Contract Administration and Progressive Discipline as technical processes and as human processes *A discussion of the grievance process, and the roles of supervisors and Human Resources in this process. As a result of this one-day program, participants will: * Be able to write measurable performance expectations; * Learn and practice a coaching model for holding employees accountable to the expectations; and * Learn the steps of the formal discipline process as required by contract and when and how to use them.

City: Augusta
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