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Title: Competency Based Interviewing
Trainers: Kate Carnes & Helen Wieczorek
Date/Time: November 14, 2014 9:00am - 2:00pm
Hours: .4 CEU's

Participants will learn a Competency Based model of interviewing potential employees. The program will cover how to make selection decisions based on competencies, that is patterns of behavior that distinguish high performers from others. Competency Based Interviewing focuses the conversation on past behavior, which is the best predictor of future performance; uses a set of predetermined questions to gather specific evidence of high performance; and provides information from candidates that assesses their respective suitability for the position. Participants will define competencies, develop interview questions and conduct mock interviews. Human Resources will participate in the program to answer questions relevant to contractual obligations and practices in the hiring process. The objectives for Competency Based Interviewing are to:

• Learn what a “competency” is and how to conduct a competency based interview; • Learn how to define competencies; • Learn how to develop questions for Competency Based Interviews; and practice Competency Based Interviewing  

City: Augusta
Class ID: C706 (Reference id: 622573)
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