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Title: Strategic Planning
Trainers: Bonnie Tracy
Date/Time: February 4, 2015 9am - 3pm
Hours: .5 CEU's

Strategic Planning is the process of defining strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating resources to assure that strategies are implemented to drive overall objectives. Development of a strategic plan for use as a guide for measuring progress toward objectives is critical for efficient and effective utilization of resources. Supervisors play important roles in both developing and implementing plans. In this program participants will learn a strategic planning model involving clarifying a mission; determining overall goals for a specific time period; writing specific, measurable objectives to drive the goals; and developing strategies and action plans designed to reach each objective.

(NOTE: This is a required program for the Leadership Development Certificate Program.)

City: Augusta
Class ID: C687 (Reference id: 622013)
Maximum attendance:25
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622015 Norton, Sara DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
625272 Dall, Joanna K DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
625744 Bunker-Geyer, Philip DHHS-HETL 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
625929 Coull, Tera J DHHS-OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
626015 Gifford, Shannon DHHS 10 Disability Determination
626016 Grover, Diane DHHS, OFI 1 Administrative Services
626064 Young, Mickey DHHS 19 Office of Substance Abuse
626076 Meak, Sim DHHS-HETL 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
626703 Fox, Stacy L OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
627563 Hall, Danielle K DHHS 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
627794 Varney, Donna DHHS 7 Child Welfare
628448 Bantegui, Tracy G DHHS 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
628708 Mickles, Yvonne DHHS 9 Contracting Services
628962 Rackliff, Cheryl DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
629207 Farnsworth, Eriko SAMHS 19 Office of Substance Abuse
630386 Kalafarski, Emily DHHS-OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
630511 Sibley, Jenna OMS/DHHS 15 Maine Care Services
630854 Colman, Candice P DHHS 21 Support Enforcement
631134 Crockett, Gretel DHHS-OCFS 7 Child Welfare
632435 giesecke, shereen s DHHS/OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
632459 Phillips, Maro L DHHS-DDS 10 Disability Determination
632800 Nickerson, Terri Maine CDC 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
632801 Alvarez, Clara DHHS 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
632967 Wells, Mary J OADS/DHHS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
633202 Meserve, Jennine DHHS/OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities

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