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April 30, 2015
Title: Building Effective Teams
Trainers: Bonnie Tracy
Date/Time: April 30, 2015 9:00am - 3:00pm
Hours: .5 CEU's

What is team building and what are the skills needed of a supervisor to facilitate team growth? This program discusses the definition of a team, the stages of team development and the leaders' role at each stage. The real work of teams is to solve problems. A problem solving process is presented with detailed steps of execution to include all team members. Through small group discussion, participation in team activities and a review of workplace structures and communication, participants will learn what it takes to build an atmosphere of team work in their respective employees and the resulting effects on production, quality and morale.

(NOTE: This is a required program for the Leadership Development Certificate Program.)

City: Augusta
Class ID: C683 (Reference id: 621994)
Maximum attendance:25
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621996 Tardif, Mary DHHS 21 Support Enforcement
625537 Nadeau-Dresser, Danielle DSER 21 Support Enforcement
625674 Hall, Danielle K Maine CDC 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
625700 Vigue, Brenda DHHS OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
626023 Howe, Rebekah DHHS 6 Aspire
626616 Marquis, Angie DHHS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
627681 Michaelis, Michael DHHS - OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
628447 Bantegui, Tracy G DHHS 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
629826 Kalafarski, Emily DHHS-OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
629835 Walsh, Debbie DHHS/ManeCare Services 15 Maine Care Services
629987 Belanger, Gary L DHHS 1 Administrative Services
630508 Sibley, Jenna OMS/DHHS 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
630859 Colman, Candice P DHHS 21 Support Enforcement
631096 Lane, Estela G DHHS/OADS 5 Adult Protective Services
632354 Easton, Pamela DHHS/OCFS 7 Child Welfare
632439 Fales, Derek DHHS-OADS 18 Office of Elder and Adult Services
632512 Weston, Emily G Maine CDC 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
632970 Wells, Mary J OADS/DHHS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
633212 Perry, Diane DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
633302 Banks, Elsie OCFS 7 Child Welfare
634385 Shaffer, Charles DHHS-OCFS 8 Children's Services: Behavioral Health
636262 Bloom, Jennifer DHHS 7 Child Welfare
636266 Peters, Michele DHHS, OCFS 7 Child Welfare
636437 bagley, bridget DHHS OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
636486 Woods, Christine M Long Term Care 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)

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636917 Shannon , Anderson L ASPIRE/DHHS 6 Aspire
636973 Williams, Denise E ASPIRE/DHHS 6 Aspire
637153 Oxley, Carol DHHS DDS 10 Disability Determination
637385 White, Jesse DHHS - OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
637691 Poirier, Lola I DHHS 7 Child Welfare
637938 Danaher-Lane, Katie DHHS, DLRS 14 Licensing and Regulatory Services
638111 WALSH, DEBBIE DHHS/OMS 15 Maine Care Services

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626232 DeBlois, Deborah L DHHS Child Support 21 Support Enforcement
628707 Mickles, Yvonne DHHS/OCFS 9 Contracting Services
632463 Phillips, Maro L DHHS-DDS 10 Disability Determination
632581 Cerrone, Joanne E DHHS 1 Administrative Services
632588 Emmons, Sean OFi 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
637472 Chartrand, Tina M Addison Point Agency 25 Adults (Cognitive and Physical Disabilities)
637486 Gauthier, Bob DHHS/DLRS 14 Licensing and Regulatory Services