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September 30, 2014
Title: Adult Protective Services, Reportable Events and Grievance Training for OADS Case Managers
Trainers: Jeffrey R. Lee and OADS Staff
Date/Time: September 30 , 2014 1pm - 4pm
Hours: 3 Hours

Intended Audience: Office of Aging and Disability Services Case Managers and Community Case Managers

The purpose of this Adult Protective Services and Reportable Events training is to learn the reporting process including who has to report, when and what to report and how to report. You will learn what defines adult abuse, neglect and exploitation; understand the role of the OADS Adult Protective Services Investigator and understand possible outcomes, types of substantiations and the right to appeal. The Grievance training includes information on what constitutes a grievance, how to file a grievance and explains how the grievance process works.

City: Portland
Class ID: C796 (Reference id: 621571)
Maximum attendance:35
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