Class Details

Title: Video Display Terminal
Trainers: Jason Wade & Amber Carriveau
Date/Time: December 9, 2014 9am - 10am
Hours: 1 hr

Intended Audience: All DHHS Staff

An ergonomics training class designed to cover the common needs at the video display terminal for employees that spend at least 4 hours a day at their computer.

This class will focus on "fitting the work to the worker and not the worker to the work"

We will discuss chair fit, keyboard position, monitor height, work surface height, pointing devices position and use, as well as other important ergonomic concepts at the workstation.

This will allow employees to understand and implement general ergonomic principles for their workspace.

City: Portland
Class ID: C742 (Reference id: 621143)
Maximum attendance:25
Current class status:
Restrictions: dhhs

*Enrolled Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
627345 Kelleher, Karen E DSER 21 Support Enforcement
630274 Thoma, Maryellen OADS/DHHS 18 Office of Elder and Adult Services
630720 Dorsey, Carolyn OFI - DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
630722 Lauritzen, Alexandria DHHS-OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631058 Kladov, Oleg DHHS -OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631064 Emmons, Sean R OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631065 Lindemann, Pamela OFI DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631071 Marstaller, Wayne DHHS-OCFS 2 Adoption Services
631087 Charette, Joanne Department of Health & Human Services 21 Support Enforcement
631090 Rickards, Mary OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631098 Posner, Rachel DHHS-OCFS 8 Children's Services: Behavioral Health
631190 Murphy, Kevin DHHS 7 Child Welfare
631220 Tucker, Kimberly DHHS-OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631221 Pemberton, Steve OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631253 Freeman, Michelle G Office of Child and Family Services 2 Adoption Services
631254 Prindall , Heather DHHS/OADS-DS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
631265 Albert, Bernadette L DHHS-OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
631270 McShane, Julie OCFS 7 Child Welfare
631299 Small, Karen J DHHS 7 Child Welfare
631308 goodwin, joann c DHHS-Eligibility 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631441 Janson, Linda A Portland 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
631647 BROWN, MONICA J DHHS-DSER 21 Support Enforcement

*Waitlist Students

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*Cancelled Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
629261 Mcgillicuddy, Daniel J PHN 17 Public Health Nurses
631305 Hunt, Sally W. Beh. Hlth. Services/OCFS/DHHS 8 Children's Services: Behavioral Health