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February 18, 2015
Title: Contract Process For Program Staff
Trainers: Stephen Turner & Maryann Harakall
Date/Time: February 18, 2015 9am - 11am
Hours: .2 CEU's

This course is designed and open only to DHHS Program Managers, Program Administrators, and Administrative Staff who are responsible for purchasing services in support of their program areas. The goals is to give Program Staff an understanding of the contract preparation process by developing a baseline of common contract terms and learning how to prepare quality contracts with accurate information submitted in accordance with established timelines. Attendees will gain insight into:

*The Division of Contract Management organization and functions *The Single Point of Contact, and what they do *What an agreement is and when it's required *Types of agreements and how this affects the requirements *The Contract development process and the required information

City: Augusta
Class ID: C723 (Reference id: 621069)
Maximum attendance:25
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