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Title: Understanding The Impact of Generational Poverty
Trainers: Bonnie Tracy
Date/Time: December 3, 2014 9am - 4pm
Hours: .6 CEU's

Intended Audience: Department of Health and Human Services employees, Foster and Adoptive Parents and the staff of social service agencies providing services to clients of the Department

How often do we make assumptions that people living in poverty are in that situation because they have made choices that put them there? How many of us are aware that people from poverty are generally isolated with few opportunities to interact with those not in situations like them? The goal of this program is to increase awareness of the effects of generational poverty on a person's ability to cope and to progress with service plans Program objectives are: 1) to increase understanding of the culture imposed by a life of poverty, including the impact on organizational skills, ability to understand verbal directions, communication styles and rapport building; and 2) to provide tips for working with families/individuals from poverty that are proven to address these issues and increase the potential for successful service plans.

City: Augusta
Class ID: C613 (Reference id: 620868)
Maximum attendance:20
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