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Title: Permanency 2 - Understanding Permanency Options for Children
Trainers: Tim Swift
Date/Time: August 13, 2014 9am - 4pm
Hours: .6

Intended Audience: Those that have attended Permanency 1 through new worker training

This is an extension of the Permanency 1 two day training. It covers the permanency options of Adoption and Permanency Guardianship and continues the focus on the need for permanency for children in the Department's care. It identifies the differences in the two permanency options of adoption and Permanency Guardianship and the social worker's role and fundamental responsibilities involved in these options. It outlines how these options are reached through the Concurrent Planning and Family Team Meeting processes. Inter- jurisdictional placements (ICPC) are briefly discussed as well. Resource Parent and Youth panels appear separately presenting their views and experiences from their unique perspectives of caring for foster children and from being in care, along with question and answer sessions.

City: Augusta
Class ID: CW251 (Reference id: 612328)
Maximum attendance:30
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