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Title: Advance Domestic Violence Training
Trainers: Jenni Smith
Date/Time: October 8, 2013 9am - 4pm
Hours: TBA

Intended Audience: OCFS Caseworkers

This full day training will enhance worker's skills needed to respond to the 60% overlap between child abuse and domestic violence in Maine. Presented by the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, the Office of Child and Family Services and community-based Domestic Abuse Resource Centers, this experienced training team will focus on the use of, "accountable language" and assessing safety and throughout the life of a case. Workers will witness a mock Batterer's Intervention group and come to understand their role in ending domestic abuse

City: Augusta
Class ID: CW197 (Reference id: 586529)
Maximum attendance:50
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Restrictions: ocfs and foster and adoptive parents

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