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Title: Permanency Session 2
Trainers: Stephanie Chapman
Date/Time: September 19, 2013 9am - 4pm
Hours: TBA

Permanency Session 2 (Quarterly)

Permanency Session 2 begins with a panel of resource parents. Trainees are asked to bring three questions for this panel. The panel focuses on how caseworkers can support and include resource families as part of the team and how to support relationships between resource families and birth families. The training moves on cover adoption, permanency guardianship and ICPC. Focusing on the practice of preparing families and children and discussing the commitment this takes. The training ends with a youth panel. Trainees are asked to bring three questions for the youth as well. This panel focuses on what youth need from caseworkers. They share positive and negative experiences with the Department and express changes they would like to see. This is an empowering experience for the youth and their direct knowledge has a lasting impact on caseworkers.

City: Augusta
Class ID: Cw181 (Reference id: 585514)
Maximum attendance:15
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