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Title: Leadership : Beyond Supervision
Trainers: Kate Carnes
Date/Time: May 22, 2014 9:00am - 3:00pm
Hours: .5 CEU's

Intended Audience: Department of Health and Human Services employees. Preference in enrollment for the individual classes will be given to those enrolling in the Certificate Program

"The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already." John Buchan

This program is designed to help those who already are in positions of leadership or who are aspiring to such a position, to explore how to navigate the most critical aspect of leadership, working with others. A leader is someone who gets the work done, accomplishes the mission, through others. Our right to be called "leader" is earned over time and demands our continued development in honing our skills or as John F. Kennedy said, "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

City: Portland
Class ID: C145 (Reference id: 557950)
Maximum attendance:20
Current class status:

*Enrolled Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
564934 Lowell, Jennifer L DHHS 7 Child Welfare
564935 Jellison, Sandra J DHHS 7 Child Welfare
572831 Underwood, Debra DHHS 7 Child Welfare
576871 Jones, Erlon DHHS 14 Licensing and Regulatory Services
577371 GRASS, DONNA L DHHS 1 Administrative Services
577516 Beaulieu, Melissa DHHS - OCFS 7 Child Welfare
577532 Dorsey, Carolyn M OFI - DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
577534 Codere, Christina DHHS OCFS 7 Child Welfare
577577 Locke, Naomi J OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
577587 Bernard, Rene DHHS-OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
577624 Nadeau, Kathleen A OCFS, DHHS 7 Child Welfare
577660 Benson, Donna OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
577672 LeVecque, Tanya DHHS 7 Child Welfare
577738 Hofmann, Janice M OCFS 7 Child Welfare
577795 Arseneault, Cori DHHS - DSER 21 Support Enforcement
582070 Thoma, Maryellen DHHS - OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
582142 Tripp, Becky A DHHS-OFI 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
582378 Goodman, Christie L DHHS/OCFS 7 Child Welfare
584175 Kladovz, Irina DHHS 7 Child Welfare
592638 Dentico, Sherrie L OCFS 7 Child Welfare

*Waitlist Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
606800 kayumba, jean michel N Maine CDC office of health equity 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
608704 DeWitt, Vanessa DHHS 12 Eligibility Services (OIAS)
615629 Pappas, Torri-Marie DHHS - OADS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
616341 Guarino, Joseph P. DHHS 7 Child Welfare
617458 Bill, Montejo DLRS 14 Licensing and Regulatory Services
617474 bernier, cari OMS 15 Maine Care Services
617597 Wintle, Karen DHHS 1 Administrative Services
617929 tsadik, Hagos D OADS/DHHS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
618595 Williams, Denise e DHHS/ASPIRE 6 Aspire

(You will be contacted if an opening is available)

*Cancelled Students

IDStudentAgencyService Code
577427 Kendall, Jeremy J DHHS 7 Child Welfare
577488 Bourque, Patrick DHHS 3 Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities
577594 Mulkern, Bethany L DHHS OCFS 7 Child Welfare
582701 Bloom, Jennifer C DHHS 7 Child Welfare
584192 Nadeau-Dresser, Danielle DSER 21 Support Enforcement
584290 Dowdy, Carlene S DHHS 16 Maine CDC & Prevention
584293 Rubinstein, Brandi L DHHS-OCFS 7 Child Welfare
611216 Black, Anna SAMHS 19 Office of Substance Abuse