Formal Hearings

A formal hearing is scheduled after a petition is filed. At the hearing stage, the parties are required to exchange information, including medical reports, and answer Board discovery questions pertaining to the claim. After required discovery has been completed, the parties file a “Joint Scheduling Memorandum.” This filing lists the witnesses who will testify and estimates the hearing time needed. Medical witness depositions are oftentimes scheduled to elicit or dispute expert testimony. At the hearing, witnesses for both sides testify and other, usually documentary, evidence is submitted. In most cases, the parties are represented either by an attorney or a worker advocate. Following the hearing, position papers are submitted and the Administrative Law Judge thereafter issues a final written decision.

Note: The Workers' Compensation Board does not post formal hearing decisions to the website. To obtain copies of any formal hearing decision, please submit a request to Sandra Wade via fax, (207) 287-7198, or mail, 27 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0027.

If you are an employee without representation and have questions about formal hearing scheduling, please contact one of the hearing scheduling secretaries listed below.

Location Administrative Law Judge Scheduling Secretary Phone Number
Augusta Elizabeth Elwin
Evelyn Knopf
Morgan Duguay
Breanna Gorneau
(207) 287-2342
(207) 287-2005
BangorDavid Hirtle Alice Yell(207) 941-4549
Caribou Christine Smith Rose Corey(207) 498-6428
Lewiston Lindsey Sands Becky Allard (207) 753-7712
PortlandKatherine Gatti Rooks
Bryan Chabot
Mike Stovall
Christine Hamlen
Lois Bilodeau
Katherine Stovall
(207) 822-0843
(207) 822-0822
(207) 822-0841