Frequently Asked Questions about Petitions

What is a petition?
Petitions are written requests for formal hearings. They may be used to demand payment of lost wages or medical bills, etc.  Different petitions are used for the type of request being made.

Who can file a petition?
An attorney, an advocate with the board, a medical center such as a doctor’s office or the injured employee can file a petition.

How can I make sure my petition is processed quickly?
To help expedite the process, the date of injury must be correct. The petitioner should also be certain to sign and date the form.

Where should I file my petition?
Petitions should be sent to the Workers’ Compensation Board’s central office—not a regional office.  Specific staff members in the Claims Management Unit process all petitions at the central office in Augusta.

Petitions and all WCB Forms

For questions regarding petitions, please contact:
Kathy Hunt 207-287-7073
Debbie Morton 207-287-7053 Debbie.Morton