Agency Contacts and Codes

Please note that the contact numbers provided will not necessarily direct you to the agency listed, but to the area responsible for processing payments for the agency.

Agency Code Agency Name Phone Number
Area Code 207
01A Department of Agriculture 287-5123
02A Department of Professional and Financial Regulation 624-8501
02B Board of Optometrists 624-8691
02C Board of Osteopaths 287-2480
02D Board of Dental Examiners 287-4746
02E Board of Engineers 287-3236
02M Board of Licensure in Medicine 287-3601
02N Board of Nursing 287-1144
02P Board of Podiatrists 624-8501
03A Department of Corrections 287-2930
03B Maine State Prison 273-5331
03C Maine Correctional Center 893-7030
03D Downeast Correctional Facility 255-1100
03E Charleston Correctional Faciltiy 285-0880
03F Long Creek Youth Development Center 822-6606
04A Department of Conservation 287-5067
05A Department of Education 624-7385
05B Governor Baxter School for the Deaf 781-6200
05C Education - Unorganized Territories 624-7385
06A Department of Environmental Protection 287-3233
07A Executive Office of the Governor 624-7605
07B State Planning Office 287-2456
07F Waste Management and Recycling Program 287-6077
07H Office of the Public Advocate 287-2445
08C Office of the State Controller 626-7601
09A Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife 287-5211
10A Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) 287-2106
12A Department of Labor (DOL) 623-6700
12B DOL - Bureau of Labor Standards 623-7900
12C DOL - Bureau of Employment and Training 623-7992
12D DOL - Labor Relations Board 287-2015
12E DOL - Occupational Information Board 623-7900
12F DOL - Workforce Development 623-7992
12G DOL - Rehabilitation Services 623-7941
13A Department of Marine Resources 287-4948
14A DHHS - Behaviorial and Developmental Services 287-4200
14B Riverview Psychiatric Center 624-4680
14C Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center 941-4015
15A Department of Defense, Veterans, and Emergency Management 623-6703
16A Department of Public Safety 623-6703
17A Department of Transportation (DOT) 624-3148
17B DOT - Aeronautics Division 624-3148
17C DOT - Ferry Service 624-3148
17D DOT - Motor Transport Division 624-3148
17E DOT - Rail and Van Pool 624-3148
18A Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) 624-7408
18B DAFS - Office of Information Technology 624-7403
18D DAFS - Bureau of Data Processing 624-7403
18E DAFS - Employee Relations 624-7424
18F DAFS - Maine Revenue Services (Taxes) 626-8475
18H DAFS - Bureau of Human Resources 624-7424
18K DAFS - Financial and Personnel Services 624-7424
18L DAFS - Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations 624-7379
18P DAFS - Division of Purchases 624-7379
18R DAFS - Risk Management Division 287-3351
18S DAFS - Employee Health Commission 624-7398
19A Department of Economic and Community Development 624-7398
26A Department of the Attorney General 626-8596
27A Department of Audit 624-6267
28A Office of the State Treasurer 624-7477
29A Secretary of State (SOS) 624-7542
29B SOS - Bureau of Motor Vehicles 624-9022
29C SOS - Maine State Archives 624-7644
30A Maine State Legislature 287-1615
31A Law and Legislative Reference Library 287-1615
40A Judicial Branch 822-0792
40B Board of Bar Examiners 822-0792
65A Public Utilities Commission 287-1039
90A Board of Education 624-6872
90C Workers' Compensation Commission 287-7084
90E Board of Water Treatment Plant Operators 287-3056
90H Maine Health Data Organization 287-6722
94B Baxter State Park Authority 723-9616
94C Maine Children's Trust Fund 626-8440
94E Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices 624-7407
94H Human Rights Commission 624-6061
94K Board of Property Tax Review 624-7394
94M Maine State Museum 624-7394
94P Histroic Preservation Commission 624-7394
94Q Maine State Library 624-7394
94V Atlantic Salmon Commission 624-6566
94W Maine Arts Commission 624-7394
94Y Maine Waste Management 287-5759
95D Dirigo Health 624-7408
99B Maine Historical Society 287-5635
99U Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine 581-1475
99X Maine Military Authority 328-4873