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Maine Mock Election - Department of the Secretary of State

Kids' Page


Welcome to the Maine Student Mock Election Photo Page

Wells Elementary School, Wells

Mock Election 2020 Photo's

Coastal Ridge Elementary School, York

Mock Election 2016 School Photo's

4 images from Coastal Ridge Elementary



Sebago Elementary School

School Photo's 2014 Mock Election

Sebago Elementary School images

Albion Elementary School

Albion Elementary School images


Biddeford Intermediate School

Biddeford Intermediate School image

Ballot clerks at Biddeford Intermediate School greet voters at their Mock Election.

C.K. Burns School, Saco

Photo of C.K. Burns School Mock Election

Students voting in Mock Election at C.K. Burns School

Ellsworth Elementary & Middle School

Ellsworth ES and Middle School images

Wells Elementary School

Wells Elementary School images

Wiscasset High School

Wiscasset High School images