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Maine Mock Election - Department of the Secretary of State

Press Releases

2020 In the News

Penobscot Bay Pilot

The Irregular Newspaper

WMTW - News 8

Press release

2020 Mock Election Results

2018 In the News

Central Maine News - Holy animal control, Batman! Maine middle schoolers pick superhero for job in mock election

WABI 5 - Students select Shawn Moody to be Governor in the statewide mock election

Portland Press Herald - Maine middle schoolers pick Moody for governor in mock election

WMTW News 8 - Maine schools participated in "Rally and Tally" student mock election

Fox News Bangor - Results for Maine's student mock election are in

2016 In the News

2016 Mock Election Results

2016 Mock Election

Maine students elect Trump, favor gun background checks in mock election

Bangor Daily News

Trump tops Clinton in Maine’s student mock election
Kennebec Journal & Portland Press Herald

Maine Schoolchildren Elect Trump in Mock Vote
Maine Public - AP

Maine students cast ballots for statewide mock election
WMTW News 8

Students hold mock election in Augusta

Maine Department of the Secretary of State Facebook page

Bangor Daily News
In ‘tense election,’ Maine teachers challenged to keep classrooms civil

2014 In the News

2014 Mock Election Results

2014 Mock Election

Kennebec Journal - Mock Election Results

2012 In the News

2012 Mock Election Results

Student Mock Election Results Final

2010 In the News

2010 Mock Election Results

2008 In the News

2008 Mock Election Results

2006 In the News

2006 Mock Electon Results

2004 In the News

2004 Mock Election Results