National Stress Awareness Month - April 2024

7 Steps to Manage Stress

Recognize and counter signs of stress

Your body will send you signals, such as headaches, muscle tension and stomachaches when you're stressed. Take action to counter these effects by going for a walk, taking deep breaths, and writing down your thoughts

Take time for yourself

Start small by changing one step in your daily routine to fit in time for yourself.

Try new routines

Additional framework of routines can allow time for managing stress.

Stay connected and make new friends

Use technology to connect with family and friends.

See problems through a different lens

Re-frame your thoughts around stress, keep situation in perspective and think positive.

Seek help with problems

Many people are going through similar situations, talk to family and friends.

Talk to a health professional if stress is affecting your well-being

Utilize the Guidance Resources Program to find a professional