National Nutrition Month - March 2024

MyPlate Plan for Personalized Guidance

Enter your age, sex, height, weight and physical activity level into the MyPlate Plan system and food group target amounts will be provided. This provides some general guidance utilizing the MyPlate philosophy.

Weekly Messages from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Week 1: Stay Fueled on a Budget

  • Plan meals weekly
  • Buy weekly sale items to create meals.
  • Use grocery lists to stay on budget and track.

Week 2: Visit a Registered Dietitian for Personalized Guidance

Week 3: Eat a variety and all food groups

  • Eat in-season fresh foods
  • Eat out of season flash frozen foods with no additives.
  • Eat canned options in water only.
  • Try new recipes.

Week 4: Be Resourceful

  • Be creative with leftovers to create a new meal.
  • Grow food at home.
  • Eat plant-based options.