A New Year - January 2024

How to follow through with your resolutions

Make it Big & Break it down

Don’t be afraid of setting a big goal… and I mean a really big goal like picking an athletic event to compete in, stopping smoking entirely, or writing a book by the end of the year! Now take your resolution and deconstruct it. Break it down into as many steps as you can, at least 12, but more is better. Always make sure the first step is something you will accomplish in a few days or weeks as this will make you feel motivated to keep going.

Share your Dream

If you really want to accomplish your resolution this year, you need to share it with others. When you tell your loved ones and peers about it, you will be amazed with the support you receive. Some people will cheer you on when you feel like giving up, and others may offer to take up the same goal as you!

Create new, sustainable habits

There’s a possibility that your bad habits are what spurred you into setting your resolution in the first place, and if that’s true, then you know how hard it can be to break a habit once its formed! The good news is that you can create new healthy habits that make following through on your resolution become second nature. When you are making your breakdown, get super specific about the times and places you are going to act on your resolution. In the beginning you might need to set alarms or reminders, but quickly it will become a habit. Some examples are going on a walk during your lunch break every single weekday, gratitude journaling every Sunday after brunch, or going to the gym right after work on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

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