Move More - April 2021

Ways to Move More

Walk faster

If there’s just one change you can make to get more fitness out of your days, it’s to pick up the pace each and every time you walk, whether it’s going down a hallway, getting to your car, shopping at the mall, or merely enjoying nature. Walking faster burns more calories, strengthens leg muscles, is great for your heart and lungs, and for your attitude and sense of vitality. Improve your ability to fight off illness and increase your energy level

Take the stairs

Yep, you’ve heard that one a million times. But consider this: Walking just two flights of stairs daily burns enough calories to melt six pounds in a year. In fact, climbing stairs for two minutes, five days a week provides the same calorie burn as a 36-minute walk. Consider setting yourself a quota of say, 60 stairs per day (a typical staircase has 10 steps, so that’s six flights).

Add 15 minutes of walking to your lunch menu

At work or at home, we often allot 30 to 60 minutes to eat, but eating usually takes just 10 minutes. Spend your extra time walking, not sitting.


Move to the music at every opportunity, even if it’s just shimmying to music on your own while you wash the dinner dishes. Dancing is both joyful and healthy; you don’t need a dance floor, special occasion, or even a partner to do it.

Ideas for Around Your Home

Neaten up daily

Don’t wait until the weekend to clean your home; spend some time every day tidying up. Dusting, doing laundry, vacuuming, and washing windows can all use up about as many calories as taking a spin on a bicycle. An extra hour of cleanup per week burns enough calories to trim four or five pounds in a year.

Turn TV time into a workout

Don’t just sprawl out on the couch. Sit up straight and grab one hand with the other. Press your palms together hard for five seconds, then release. Repeat at least four times. Next, straighten one of your lower legs so it’s parallel to the floor, then lower it, switching back and forth between legs for as long as you can do it. Next, use commercial breaks during TV shows as a chance to rise off the sofa and stretch or move around.

Exercise your calf muscles while brushing your teeth

Place your feet flat on the floor, then rise-up onto the balls of your feet, hold for two seconds, then sink down. Repeat 20, 30, 50 or more times. Do this also while washing dishes or standing in line.

Ideas for the Yard

Spend an hour outdoors each week

Preferably, much more. There’s a direct correlation between fitness levels and the amount of time you spend outdoors vs. indoors. Think about it: People who live outside are by nature more energized, upbeat, and fit. What to do outside? Pull weeds. Walk the dog. Practice your golf or tennis swing. Mulch the beds. Look for unusual birds. Bicycle. Visit a neighbor.

Weed by hand

Getting down on your hands and knees to yank out weeds can be part of your daily workout once or twice a week. Leaning onto your hands as you weed will build arm, shoulder, and upper back strength.

Rake by hand

Don’t use a leaf blower. By grabbing a rake instead, you’ll burn an additional 50 calories per hour. And maybe your neighbors will start speaking to you again.