Changes and Challenges - January 2021

Harness the Power to Change


Digital technologies’ transformation of industries, already well underway before Covid-19, has only accelerated during the pandemic. Retailers’ current holiday shopping season is just one example of industry transformation at top speed. Meanwhile, the demographic shift to a millennial-dominated workforce continues, altering career paths, corporate strategy and even purpose. How we work is changing too, transformed by technologies like Zoom and TEAMS, but also by what many of us have learned from months of working and managing from home. To thrive today, leaders and their organizations must become better at change.

Individuals who maintain a purpose, direction and a sense of connection will achieve stronger “change power” and are significantly more able to change in attitude such as being greatly inspired by their jobs, positive thinkers and healthier.

In 2020, it was amazing how companies, stores, and people can act in times of crisis. Covid-19 forced many organizations to make decisions faster and become much more focused. Individuals and companies have made decisions more efficiently since the crisis started, and just as many hope this will continue beyond Covid-19. To do that, many have had to give up their typical processes in favor of informal and improvised approaches.

If you too are looking to strengthen your ability to change, how will you start? Do you know what levers to pull and in what sequence? What will your New Year’s resolution be?