Your Woodland: A Stewardship Storyline

What do I want to do with my woodland?

Managing your woodland means making decisions about what's important to you. This process of determining your goals will guide the choices you make about your property in the future. Many owners find it helpful to think and talk about what's important to them when making decisions about their land's future.

Questions you can ask yourself include: Do you enjoy your woodland for its scenic beauty and wildlife? Do you value the opportunity to hunt, fish, or cut firewood on your property? Do you care for your woodland so that your children or grandchildren will have the opportunity to enjoy it? Are you hoping to get income from timber Harvesting or from the land itself?

And: What do you value most about your woodland? How do you use the property now, and what are your future priorities? If you own property with other family members, what are your family's values and goals?

Articulating your goals is an important first step in making good decisions about your woodland's future. In addition, if you are working with professionals such as foresters or loggers, it is critical to convey your priorities to them so that they can help you meet your goals.

There may be many options as you decide what to do with your woodlands. Determining which options work best for you depends on your goals and on the conditions in your woods. A Forest Management Plan is a good way to turn your goals for your woodlands into actions.

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