Your Woodland: A Stewardship Storyline

What do I call that land I own that has trees on it?

Many people think of forests as large tracts of land with hundreds or thousands of acres of trees, located far away and typically owned by large companies or the government. Others see their land with trees on it as the "woods," a "woodlot," or simply "out back." For consistency, we will generally refer to "woodlands" and "woodland owners," and sometimes "forest" and "family forest owners" to talk about forested land and land ownership.

Ultimately, what you call your land with trees on it is not important - what matters are the decisions you make.

The professionals who provide management services to woodland owners are licensed as foresters. They generally offer a different set of services from those provided by timber harvesters or loggers. In the Maine Forest Service, Forest Rangers enforce laws and issue fire permits, while District Foresters answer questions and help woodland owners make informed decisions about their land.

We hope you find the Stewardship Steps in this resource guide to be a helpful guide to making decisions about your woodlands now and in the future.

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