New Maine Urban Tree ID Guide

Maine Urban Tree ID Key

If you know your way around the Maine woods you can likely tell a beech from a white pine from a red oak in your sleep. But what about a ginkgo, a hawthorn or a crabapple?  You are unlikely to see a white pine in a tree grate in front of your favorite market, but I bet you’ve seen Japanese tree lilacs or honeylocusts. The trees in our front yards and in our downtowns experience a whole different range of conditions than our forest trees do: sun scald, salt buildup, compressed soils and lots of pet waste – and those conditions require species that are better equipped to handle those stressors than our forest trees. We’ve created a quick and easy Maine Urban Tree Key to print or save to your mobile device so you can identify that tree in the village green. Special thanks to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry for sharing their template. We hope this helps you to enjoy the trees you find in your neighborhood.

Maine Urban Tree ID Guide (PDF 3.5 MB)