Maine Virtual Academy

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Maine Virtual Academy (MeVA), located in Augusta, opened in September 2015 as the second virtual public charter school in Maine. Currently, MeVA educates students from over 100 school districts all over the state of Maine. Its curriculum is based upon the teaching affiliated with the K-12 Inc. online program. It offers courses in Language Arts/English, Math, Science, History, Art, Health/PE and Music. The school's mission is to develop each student's full potential with learner-centered instruction, a research-based curriculum and educational tools and resources to provide a high-quality learning experience for grade 7-12 students in need of alternative educational options. MeVA's vision is to improve student learning outcomes through individualized instruction, as evidenced by student academic proficiency, student academic growth, post-secondary readiness, and the demonstration of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and self-direction.

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2020-21 School Year  
Grades Served 7-12
% Special Education 15.81%
% Economically Disadvantaged 56.05%