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Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS), located in Hinckley, opened in September 2011, and was the first Maine high school to focus on the natural sciences. Currently, the school educates students from over 30 Maine school districts from Portland to Athens. Its mission is to offer a student-centered, staff-guided high school whose purpose is to inspire and engage students. MeANS welcomes a diverse range of students including those whose previous learning environment has not inspired them to fulfill their potential as learners, those who have become profoundly disconnected from their education, as well as those who have a passion for the school’s themes of agriculture, forestry and sustainability. Its vision is to encourage students to re-engage with their education, to grow as critical thinkers and problem solvers by developing habits of heart and mind that lead them to take responsibility for their own actions, as well as for the welfare of their community. In 2016 with its 5-year charter renewal, the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences was approved to open Threshold, a program for home-bound students.    

2023-24 School Year  
Grades Served 9-12
% Special Education 25.77%
% Economically Disadvantaged 65.46%

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Address: 13 Easler Road, PO Box 159, Hinckley, ME 04944

Phone Number: (207) 238-4100