Guidelines for the Advanced Practice Nurse in Performing Patient Care Procedures

The Maine State Board of Nursing issues the following response to guide the the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in determining whether or not he/she is qualified to perform specific patient care procedures. The Board's primary concern is the healthand safety of patients.

The Law Regulating the Practice of Nursing is not skilled based. It specifies broad parameters of behavior and standards for education and practice, specifically, Section 2102. 2-A.

(A), (B), and (C) state:

2-A. Advanced practice registered nursing. "Advanced practice registered nursing" means the delivery of expanded professional health care by an advanced practice registered nurse that is:

  1. Consistent with advanced educational qualifications as set forth in section 2210-A , subsection 2;
  2. Within the advanced practice registered nurse's scope of practice as specified by rulemaking, taking into consideration any national standards that exist; and
  3. In accordance with the standards of practice for advanced practice registered nurses as specified by rulemaking, taking into consideration any national
  4. standards that may exist. Advanced practice registered nursing includes consultation with or referral to medical and other health care providers when required by client health needs.

The advanced practice registered nurse shall provide only those health care services for which he/she is educationally and clinically prepared, and for which competency has been maintained. In performing patient care procedures, the APRN assumes accountability for the risk inherent in the provision of such services.