Practice Questions Related to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Policy Statements

Procedures Not Within Scope

The Board at its September 1, 2010 meeting voted to remove bone marrow aspiration and biopsy from the website recognizing practice has changed since that decision was first made.

The Board at its October 6-7, 1999 meeting determined that the following medical procedures are not within scope of practice of a nurse practitioner:

  1. iliac crest bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  2. needle aspiration of superficial lymph nodes
  3. paracentesis using vacuum bottle and catheter

Skin Lesions

At its November 28-29, 2012, the Board determined that a nurse practitioner with appropriate education and demonstrated competency according to facility/organizational policies and procedures may biopsy and excise skin lesions.

At its December 12-13, 1995 meeting, the Board determined that an advanced practice registered nurse may excise skin lesions (inclusion cysts and nevi). The patient would be screened by the physician and all lesions would be diagnosed by a physician. The advanced practice registered nurse performing this procedure must be appropriately trained, with supervised practice and documented competence.


The Board at its October 23-24, 1996 meeting determined that it is not within the scope of advanced practice nursing to perform myringotomies.