Notice To Hospitals and Health Care Practitioners Performing Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations

Maine law (5 M.R.S.A. § 3360-M, P.L 1999, ch. 719, § 1) requires that you bill the Victims’ Compensation Board in the Office of the Attorney General directly when you perform a forensic examination for an alleged victim of gross sexual assault, using an evidence collection kit.

  • You may not bill the patient or the patient’s insurer for the examination and related testing and treatment. The maximum payment is $750 per examination. You may not balance bill the victim or the insurer. The VCB will review bills and authorize billing the patient or patient’s insurer for charges that are not related to the sexual assault examination (e.g. x-rays).
  • This direct billing and payment process is to be used only when a forensic examination is performed using a sexual assault forensic examination kit. If a kit is not used, use your customary billing procedures.
  • Victims are NOT required to report to law enforcement. If the victim does not report, the kit should be delivered to the nearest police department.
  • A claim form for direct billing is included with each standard forensic examination kit. These kits are developed by and available through the Department of Public Safety.
  • You must complete the claim form fully. If you are providing CPT codes, an itemization of services, and billed amounts by attached billing statements, the specific services provided must be checked off on the claim form. There are clear instructions with the claim forms.
  • Submit claim forms and bills within 60 days of the forensic examination. Bills are paid approximately once a month. Please do not send second notices.
  • The check we issue for payment will not list the patient’s name. It will list the victim tracking number which you provide to us on our claim form. The victim tracking number is the only identifier to link the patient, the charges, and the payment. Most providers use account or medical record numbers to track patients. Have the tracking number available if you call about a case.

Call the Victims’ Compensation Program at (207) 624-7882 with questions.

Deborah Shaw Rice
Victims’ Compensation Board
Office of the Attorney General
State House Station 6,
Augusta, Maine 04333-0006