Criminal Justice System

The State of Maine prosecutes crimes committed within the State. The State of Maine is represented in court by an Assistant Attorney General or an Assistant District Attorney. Federal crimes are prosecuted by the Federal Government, which is represented in court by Assistant United States Attorneys. Certain crimes committed on Indian reservations may be prosecuted in Tribal Court by Tribal Prosecutors.

The eight District Attorneys Offices, each of which is supervised by an elected District Attorney, handle the majority of the criminal offenses committed in Maine. The Office of the Attorney General prosecutes all homicides and many drug offenses. Assistant Attorneys General also prosecute welfare and Medicaid fraud, securities crime, and official corruption cases.

Criminal trials are heard in the District and Superior Courts. Jury trials are always conducted in the Superior Courts. Appeals may be heard by the Superior Court or the Supreme Judicial Court. For more information about the different courts in Maine, including information for jurors, go to the Courts web site.

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