Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME)

The Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) is a statewide system that is charged with the investigation of sudden, unexpected and violent deaths. The office was established as a state agency in July 1968. It is located in Augusta on Hospital Street, behind the State Police Crime Laboratory. The staff consists of the Chief Medical Examiner, the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, an administrator, one Senior Forensic Technician, two Medico-Legal Death Investigators, three Administrative Support Staff, one Records Coordinator, and three Medical Examiner Assistants.

The Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Mark Flomenbaum, was appointed by Governor LePage in June 2014. Over 50 physicians who are trained medical examiners volunteer to serve the state and are appointed by the Chief Medical Examiner to function in their local communities.

The OCME is dedicated to providing the citizens of Maine with comprehensive, scientific, forensic investigation of deaths that fall within the jurisdiction of the office, determined by state statute (Title 22, Chapter 711, MEDICAL EXAMINER ACT). Approximately 3,000 deaths are reported to the OCME each year. After initial investigation, the office accepts jurisdiction in approximately 1,350 cases, providing complete death investigation and determining the cause and manner of death. When necessary, autopsies are performed to assist in that determination.

Investigations may include interactions with law enforcement officers, scene visits, review of medical records, pharmacy records, photographs, and telephone interviews with family and physicians, as well as external examination of the bodies, autopsies and toxicological and other laboratory tests when indicated. The investigation of sudden unexplained deaths in infants includes a reenactment whenever possible.

The purpose of the investigation is to obtain, as complete as possible, a thorough understanding of all the events associated with and potentially contributing to the death.


Office of Chief Medical Examiner
37 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: (207) 624-7180
FAX: (207) 624-7178

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