Maine Victims' Compensation Program Eligibility Checklist

If the following statements are true the claimant may be eligible for financial assistance.

  • The crime was committed on or after January 1, 1993.
  • The crime committed is one of the following:
An offense against the person, e.g. assault or murder, (Title 17-A Ch. 9)
A sexual assault or exploitation (Title 17-A Ch. 11 & 12)
Kidnapping/criminal restraint (Title 17-A Ch 13)
Robbery (Title 17-A Ch 27)
Drunk Driving (Title 29-A ?2411)
Leaving the scene of some personal injury vehicle accidents (Title 29-A ?2252)
  • The victim suffered bodily injury or the threat of bodily injury as a direct result of the crime (not required of victims of sexual assault).
  • The crime was reported to a Law Enforcement Agency within five days of the occurrence or discovery of the crime or injury.*
  • The victim was not engaged in criminal activity which contributed to or caused the injury.
  • The victim cooperated with the law enforcement officials and prosecutors.
  • The victim/claimant has no collateral source of payment for the compensation they are seeking.(e.g. insurance, Medicaid)
  • An application will be filed with the Victim Compensation Board within three years of the injury or compensable loss or within 60 days of the discovery of the injury or compensable loss, whichever is later.*


The claimant is seeking coverage for a victim for actual losses of the following types: medical, mental health counseling, lost income or wages, funeral, eyeglasses, dentures, other prosthetic devices, some crime scene cleanup costs, and costs to repair, replace, or install locks or security devices, and certain security deposits.


The claimant is seeking coverage for persons other than the victim for:

  1. Counseling expenses
    1. for family and household members of homicide victims, sexual assault victims, or victims of catastrophic injury
    2. for family and household members of crime victims, who witness the commission of the crime
  2. Funeral and burial expenses up to $4500 (plus $500 for a marker) for any individual who pays or incurs these bills or
  3. Loss of support for the dependents of homicide victims.

*Time requirements may be waived. Claimants should submit a letter to the Board.

Dept. of Attorney General,
Victims' Compensation Program,
#6 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333-0006;
(207) 624-7882