Elder Death Analysis Review Team (MEDART)

The Maine Elder Death Analysis Review Team, MEDART, was formed in 2003 under the auspices of the Office of the Attorney General, and is charged with examining deaths and cases of serious bodily injury associated with suspected abuse or neglect of elderly and vulnerable adults. MEDART is a multi-disciplinary team whose membership includes representation from state, local and county law enforcement, prosecutors, chief medical examiner, victim advocates, sexual assault nurse examiner, licensing and regulatory services, elder services, adult protective services, emergency medical services, long term care ombudsman, and adult mental health. MEDART meets at least quarterly to review selected cases, the purpose of which is to identify whether systems that have the purpose or responsibility to assist or protect victims were sufficient for the particular circumstances or whether such systems require adjustment or improvement. MEDART seeks to foster system change through recommendations aimed at improving the system for protecting persons from abuse and neglect, including modifications of statutes, rules, training, policies and procedures.

MEDART produces reports annually or biannually. The following reports are available and require the free Adobe Reader.