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      This page requires you to perform a search to verify whether or not your company is already registered with VSS.  This search is mandatory for all vendors who would like to complete a new registration or add a new location to an existing company. 

After entering your company’s legal name and clicking on the Search button you will be brought to the search results page. 

The results page displays results from both the Headquarters and various Location records.  The results are displayed first by the Headquarters record followed by all Locations that reference that headquarters record.  Results are displayed in alphabetical order by company (Headquarters) first, then by Location.  (To view all registered vendors, leave the Company Name field blank, and then select the Search button.)

If you did not find your organization, but have recently done business with us, then you should refine your search and try again.  If you are convinced that your organization is not in the database, click on the New Registration button. 
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4.  Account Administrator Address
3.  W-9 Information
5.  Procurement Address
6.  Payment Address
7.  Billing Address
8.  Bidding Interests
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