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      This page allows Headquarters Master Users to edit their location contact information.  All registered users can view the contact information for their location.  All of your address contacts are edited on this page.  You can also add new contacts by clicking on the Add Items link.

You must add a new contact record on this page before he/she can be selected as a Principal Contact on the Address Information page.  You cannot delete a contact record that has been selected as a Principal Contact on the Address page.  You must first create the contact record on the Contacts page and assign a new principal contact on the Address page before you can delete the old contact record on the Contacts page.

Only Headquarters Master Users will be able to make changes to the fields on this page.  All required fields are preceded by a red asterisk (*) on the Contacts page.  All grayed out fields, as seen by Headquarters Master Users, cannot be changed online.

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